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The Unchosen One Presents...
Invader Zim Story Palace
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    By Mystery Man


     One day Zim and Gir were at their home watching The Scarey Monkey Show When suddenly Bang, Bang, Bang someone was at the door. Hello Zim said Dib at the door. Zim not knowing that it was Dib opend the door. your worst nightmare is here Zim I have come to for once and for all prove that you are an Alien. Oh but you cant screamed Zim you can never make me move. I can see that you arent going to go along with this. So Dib grabbed Zim and threw him on a wagon. Well do this my way then. He said and off he went pulling the wagon behind him. One hour later Zim was at the festival with Dib. Take off your discise Zim said Dib. Never you foolish earth monkey you really think you can prove to all of them that I am an Alien?

yes said Dib and do you really think that you can get away with destroying Earth? Why yes, yes, yes I do. Well your wrong blurted Dib and he walked off. When he came back he was holding a sign. Whats that? asked Zim. Its a lawn mower 4 sale sign. He put it on Zim and stood waiting. Then a man walked up how much for the lawn mower? Dib said oh $20.00. Thats a good deal he said. He gave dib the money and Took Zim. You foolish Earth monkey Im no lawn mower!! Your not oh fiddle sticks Ive been gypped. And without any more words Zim left. Thats the Alien!!!!! said a man with a hat. Zim ran Alien I see no Alien! And Zim went home. Only to wake up thee next day with the old man standing there on his bed. Aahhh! screamed Zim and he ran off never to be found again. Dib says hes gone back to Irkin. Many say who is he. Others say he just disappeared. And gir says Tacos!!!!

          THE END

if you want your INVADER ZIM story published on this site write it then when you're done e-mail it to and i will post it.
  include in your e-mail before the story begins the title of the story, your name or the nick name you want posted, and if you do or do not want your e-mail address posted by your story.       title the subject of the e-mail 'story palace' so i will know to open it and retrieve your story.
    the storys must be Invader Zim related and there can be no major curse words no sexuallity and no gory tipe violence.

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